Well known for the exclusively designed MTK® signature elastic waist which gives 360° support and full shape enhancement. Searching for years for the perfect body shape-wear with no luck Theodóra Elísabet decided to develop and design it herself. The first exclusive MTK® shape-wear collection was launched in Iceland 2012. //


You need to wear the MTK® shape-wear 3-5 times before you get the final shape that fits your body perfectly. For the best result we recommend regularly adjustment of the MTK® 360° support waist part while wearing the pants for the first 3-5 times. (Ajust and pull them up in the best position then they will learn how you want them to be, so please teach them well:))

***Please note that the waist part is VERY tight and tense for the first time of fitting. Don’t retreat !
The first time is a bit like a workout but after that it’s like a walk in the park !

The MTK® pants are designed to be used every day without losing the spark – MTK® is not a decoration for your wardrobe, if it happens, please give them to that someone that dares to wear them as often as possible !:)